DroxZ Bot


Hello and welcome! This is our basic and easy-to-use discord bot website. If you are having troubles with DroxZ do !links in your server then join our server and create a ticket!


DroxZ Commands


!give link perms (gives permission to send links)

!take link perms (revokes permission to send links)

!link perms (shows if you have link perms)

!verify (gives Member role)

!warn (warns user)

!purge (deletes specified amount of messages)

!infractions (check how many warnings user has)

!kick (kicks tagged member)

!ban (bans tagged member)

!tag (tags everyone)

!rules (shows the rules)

!mute (mutes tagged member)

!unmute (unmutes a tagged member)

!announce (your message) (channel you want to announce it in)

!new ticket (creates new ticket)

!close ticket (closes ticket)


!rank (shows what rank you are in the server current max is 40 adding more ATM)

!levels (shows rank leaderboard)

!swear count (shows Toxicitys swear count)

!steal emoji (add said emoji from another server to yours)

!rps (play rock paper scissors with you)

!pp (shows how big the tagged members pp is)

!am i sexy (says if you are sexy or not)

!dice (roles a die)

!TorD (truth or dare)

!8ball (u ask it a question and it responds)

!coinflip (flips a coin)

!shoot (shoots a tagged member)

!check the vide (vibe checks a tagged member)

!vibe (tells you who you have to vibe with)

!howgay (shows how gay a tagged member is)

Nsfw (gives a random nsfw image)

Meme (gives a random meme)

!dailyquestion (gives you a daily question)

I hug (hugs a tagged member)

!suggest (lets you make a suggestion)

!findthepp (its a game where you have to find the pp)

!kill (kills a tagged user)


!server booster (gives you a weekly sum if money)

!daily (gives you a daily sum of money)

!stealth daily (lets you get the daily sum of money again)

!weekly (gives you a weekly sum of money)

!monthly (gives you a monthly sum of money)

!hunt (hunts and gives you money)

!fish (fishes and gives you money)

!heist (robs a bank)

!stealth heist (lets you rob the bank again)

!server shop (shows the server shop)

!shop (shows the main shop)

!add shop (lets you make a shop)

!bal (shows a tagged users balance)

!dep (deposits said amount)

!with (withdrawals said amount)

!work (works at a place and gives you money)

!inventory (shows a tagged users inventory)

!special inventory (shows a tagged users special inventory)

!buy (buys a item from the shop)

!search (searches a random place for a random amount of money)

!beg (begs for money)

!use (uses the item you want to use)

!lb (gives a money leaderboard)

!give (the item or money) @user (number) (gives item/money to a user)

!rob (robs a tagged user)

!enable passive mode (keeps you from being robbed but you cant rob either)

!disable passive mode (lets you rob others and others rob you)

!check passive (shows if you are in passive mode or not)


!links (gives all the needed links)

!help (gives help)

!ping (shows bots current ping)

!google (shows whatever u want to search)

!it (puts text to an image)

!fact (turns whatever you type into a fact)

!roll (choses a random user for a giveaway)

!calc (does the math problem u want)

!servers (shows how many servers DroxZ is in)

Made By Toxicity